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Communication workshops

Kandula offer a range of workshops to strengthen the individual communication capability of team members, managers and leaders.

Tailor made workshops are developed to suit your specific needs when conversations need to happen amongst teams to manage conflict, shift team dynamics, address sticky issues or build commitment for the future.

Workshops that suit individuals as well as teams include:

» Navigating through tough conversations and conflict

» Communicating with confidence [more]

A thought provoking and energising workshop that will give participants the skills to immediately build new relationships and strengthen existing ones. In just a few hours the participants will have increased self awareness about their own communication style and understand why they find some people easier to communicate with than others. They will develop a range of tools to use so they can communicate with skill and authenticity from their first interaction with anyone. Read more.

» Communicating to Inspire [more]

One of the biggest challenges in the work environment today is for managers and leaders to create teams that perform, are aligned to the organisation and committed to their roles. It is an intrinsic part of being a successful leader that you communicate well with teams. The Communicating to Inspire workshop gives managers the confidence to use tools and practiced techniques that will enable them to communicate more effectively with their team. Read more.

» Facilitating with impact [more]

Facilitating is often a role that is given to people in organisations inadvertently. Just because you are the lead in a team or on a project, or you’re seen as being comfortable on your feet – it doesn’t mean you’re equipped to facilitate a group session. This half day workshop provides you with some ways to facilitate different group situations and looks at ways of handling some of the common situations that arise. It will build your confidence to facilitate and to create an environment for debate. Read more.

» Creating a communication program that sticks [more]

Many organisations now recognise the need to communicate with their people, and have good intentions to do this; yet so often the channel for communicating becomes more important than the purpose for communicating. This unique and interactive workshop gives people who have responsibility for internal communication in their business the opportunity to develop a communication strategy that works and supports the business needs. Engaging your people in the business is a key driver for success – communicating in a way that builds engagement is fundamental to your success. Read more.

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