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The Kandula story

Kandula is named after an elephant that showed strength, loyalty, courage, and companionship as he served as the mount for King Duttagamani in ancient times.

These are the values that Kandula work with, as a team and with our clients.

Our connection with elephants goes beyond these values; elephants thrive in their environment and do this in a way that is relevant to the way successful organisation relate, collaborate and communicate. Kandula work with businesses to strengthen working relationships through communication, connections and strengthening capability.

Elephants thrive by:

  • Creating strong teams
  • Building communication capability on a team and individual basis
  • Working within complex groups with many different relationships
  • Using both emotion and logic
  • Building self awareness, perception and discrimination
  • Communicating effectively with others to make decisions
  • Using all their senses to communicate
  • Achieve and survive by working together and supporting each other
  • Communicate to make decisions

Individually elephants:

  • Have close and enduring cooperative relationships
  • Are self aware
  • Are renowned for their memory, intelligence and sociality and like humans this can lead to stress
  • Use their whole bodies to communicate – to vocalise and to listen
  • Have strong individual personalities that effect how they interact, how others perceive them and how well they are able to influence in a group
  • Some are born leaders.

The most successful leaders are confident, well connected and able to command respect through wisdom and charisma, displaying great teamwork.

In recognition of these fabulous animals Kandula is proud to have signed the Elephant Charter which is intended to promote scientifically sound and ethical management and care of all elephants