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Part of Kandula's philosophy is to strengthen the capability of people within business to communicate more effectively and strengthen working relationship.

These resources are here to stimulate your thinking or provide insights in to the way we communicate and connect in the workplace.

» Is there a purpose to meetings?

One issue that arises in most organisations is that meetings are largely considered to be ineffective. This has a huge impact on the amount of money that is wasted – reducing profitability within every business. It also has a significant impact on the motivation and performance of those involved.

Take a look at Kandula's Meetings with purpose guide; for ideas on things to do to make your meetings work.

» How to have difficult conversations

All of us are guilty at some time or another of not having difficult conversations and justifying to ourselves and others why we didn't need to have the conversation. Often though the effect of not having a difficult conversation can be significant on us, other people and the business as it ususally means we are avoiding dealing with an issue that is effecting performance.

To plan and manage conversations that will make a difference, take a look at Having a Difficult Conversation

» Getting to know elephants

Elephants are remarkable animals with characteristics and behaviours that enable them to operate superbly as teams.To find out more about  these characteristics and how elephants apply their strengths; take a look at Getting to know elephants