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Communication coaching

The reasons for communication coaching vary significantly from person to person. Your starting point for coaching may be:

»To improve communication with your team

» To enhance interpersonal skills through increased awareness of emotional intelligence behaviours

»To handle harrassment and bullying

»To help you in one on one discussions

»To manage difficult situations

»To resolve conflicts

»To create inspiring communication

»To influence peers and leaders

»To be heard and understood

The results of the coaching will be strengthened working relationships, greater confidence and less stress.

Kandula offer a range of coaching programs to address specific needs. These include:

» Communication coaching program

» Quick fix coaching session

» Coaching for communication professionals

The focus in the coaching is to Strengthen individual communication capability. Our focus is on transferring capability and deepening connections through effective communication for leaders, teams and individuals.

A range of tools and assessments are used alongside the coaching programs. In particular the Genos Emotional Intelligence (EI) assessment tools are used to build higher levels of EI  for those who want to increase effectiveness in their interactions with other people.