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Case Studies

Improving team communication skills

Client: Engineering Company

Audience: Project Leadership Teams

Sponsor: Operations Director

Scope: The Project teams wanted to increase their chances of success when they were involved in tender processes for large government contracts. They recognised that an issue was the way the team communicated and developed relationships with the client team and this was impacting their chances of success for multi million dollar contracts.

Solution: Development of a boot camp workshop that all Project Leadership Teams attend prior to the tender meetings. The workshops look at various aspect of communication skills needed to build relationship.

Outcome: The Project team members leave the workshop feeling more confident and equipped. They have given feedback that the workshops made a significant difference to the way they worked during the tender process and their success rate has increased.

If your team is involved in building relationships with others for specific reasons such as tenders, or involvement with customer groups; a tailored workshop could make a difference to your success. Contact us at for further information.

Project team alignment to goals and purpose

Client: Financial Services Company

Audience: Project Team

Sponsor: Program  Director

Scope: The Project team had been functioning for some time but during that time the number of people involved had grown significantly. They were working at a fast pace and weren’t aligned to the purpose of the project, what success looked like or how to work together.

Solution: Creation of a program that included various initiatives to build team capability and to ensure knowledge was shared amongst the team. Kandula facilitated a workshop where the team increased their connections with each other and formed a view on what success looked like and what their goals were.

Outcome: Improved working relationships amongst team members with greater knowledge sharing.

If you are looking to align your team to your goals and can see opportunities for them to work more effectively together contact us at to consider ways to achieve this.

Building working relationships

Client: Government

Audience: Team Member

Sponsor: Team Manager

Objective: To provide coaching to a member of the team had an important role in the team that involved networking and building relationships across a number of business units.

Solution A short series of coaching sessions that focused on improving communication skills and identifying how to communicate with people who had different communication styles and motivations

Outcome: The team member effectively involved the people from the business units in an important training session that set the platform for further working together.

If you are looking to communicate and build more successful relationships within your business  contact us at to consider ways to achieve this.

Team alignment to vision and values

Client: Small Business Owner

Audience: Owners and the team

Sponsor: Business Owner

Objective: To engage the team in creating the vision, values and approach  required for the business to have ongoing success.

Solution A series of meetings with the Business Partners to develop their thinking about the vision, values and strategy. Workshops with the team to engage them and gather their input.

Outcome: Feedback was that we brought “a unique style and innovative process to the engagement culminating in a unanimous buy in from the whole team for our new vision, values and goals.  It was both fun and tremendous value for money.”

If you want to create and align your team to your vision, values and strategy contact us at to consider ways to achieve this.